12" Panasonic Stingray

12" Panasonic Stingray

Stingray, the POS Keystation with the power to change, features a unique modular design with components you can easily replace yourself-eliminating the time and expense of a service call.


The revolutionary Stingray has transformed the POS market, setting a new benchmark for PC based cash register systems. This high performance unit is compact, durable and easily configured and serviced thanks to its modular design.

The Stingray's open architecture has the power to run virtually any operating system and software, which means you can adapt off-the-shelf or custom POS applications to meet the specific needs of your business. A high speed processor and up to 2GB of on-board RAM ensures that the Stingray is perfect for both stand alone applications or network integration.

A unique modular design allows you to configure and customise the Stingray without the need for a technician, significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs compared to other PC-based cash register systems. At any time you can increase the RAM, change the hard drives, replace the LCD display or add a card reader or security device without using tools or paying for a specialist.

The compact set-up of the Stingray means more counter-space for retail display options, allowing more opportunities to increase your profit margins. The unit also delivers the durability and reliability needed in a busy commercial environment, as it is built to withstand spills, static, dust, dirt, shock, grease, extreme temperatures and humidity.

A high resolution, adjustable, dual backlit LCD display allows for faster, more accurate order taking. With resistive or capacitive touch-screen technology and an anti-glare display that can be oriented as portrait or landscape, the Stingray is easy for everyone to use. The unit can even be fitted with an LCD customer display capable of featuring point-of-sale promotions.

The Stingray offers a range of security features such as a Dallas key system for operator ID verification, which is especially useful for catering staff in bars and restaurants. Alternatively, a fingerprint reader and magnetic card reader can also be fitted. These ID modules can be mounted either on the left or right of the display to suit different ergonomic requirements.

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Warranty: 2 Years Advanced Replacement

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