Enigma SED is an innovative upgrade kit designed to encrypt and secure personal and corporate data on non-encrypted computer systems


Incorporating the latest 128 Bit and 256 Bit AES hardware encrypted 2.5" hard drives from Seagate and Toshiba; the Enigma SED solution provides permanent full disk encryption on the fly, which means no speed degradation when reading and writing data. With Enigma 128 Bit conforming to FIPS 140-2 and each 256 Bit SED conforming to the latest Trusted Computing Group OPAL Self Encrypting Drive standard you can be sure your data is protected to the highest levels.

Enigma SED is a 100% compatible upgrade solution designed specifically for the corporate/SME market. Each Enigma hard drive is supplied with the correct fitting kit pre-mounted ready to fit straight into the laptop. Designed by WinMagic the Pre-Boot Authentication system not only allows the user to authenticate using a password but also removes the need for the drive to rely on the laptops BIOS which means that it is now possible to upgrade any SATA based system to an Enigma SED.

The Enigma SED solution also includes a data transfer cable and hard drive cloning software which provides a quick and simple way to move existing data from the laptops non-encrypted hard drive to the fully encrypted Enigma SED. Using a high speed USB2 or eSATA connection a full mirror image clone of the existing drive including the Operating System, Applications and all user data is made which limits the downtime required to upgrade the Mobile Workers laptop.

Enigma SED is the solution that allows businesses to implement a mobile encryption policy for Mobile Workers quickly, easily and cost effectively by upgrading their existing portfolio of laptop computers.

Key Benefits

  • High Level Encryption Using AES 128 or 256 Bit Secures Your Data
  • FIPS 140-2 certified
  • Always On Entire Disk Encryption Protects All Data On The Drive
  • On The Fly Hardware Encryption Means No Additional System Resource Usage
  • Pre-Boot Authentication Does Not Rely On The BIOS Allowing Use In Any SATA Based Windows® Laptop
  • Complete Matched Solution Makes Fitting Quick And Provides 100% Compatibility
  • Included Data Transfer Kit Clones Existing Drive Via USB2 or eSATA To Minimise Downtime

Manufacturer: Enigma

Warranty: 3 Years Advanced Replacement